80s Children’s Science Books

IMG_0005I grew up in the 80s loving everything have to do with the future. I would go to the library with my grandmother and head immediately to the science section. There I would skim through books from the 50s and 60s about space travel undersea colonies, and all sorts of cool futuristic things. I would read, and look at all the cool color pictures, of how were were going to have robotic butlers and how I was going to explore the solar system when I grew up. Trips into space were going to be routine and all the choirs of life would be taken care of by machines. Of course these things haven’t happened yet but there was something about the optimism of the books that I love.

Now that I’m an adult I’ve started to track down some of these books and find others that I never knew existed. The World of The Future is one of my favorite series of books. They cover everything from space travel to robotics. This week I received my order of The World of The Future: Space Travel.