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80s Children’s Science Books

IMG_0005I grew up in the 80s loving everything have to do with the future. I would go to the library with my grandmother and head immediately to the science section. There I would skim through books from the 50s and 60s about space travel undersea colonies, and all sorts of cool futuristic things. I would read, and look at all the cool color pictures, of how were were going to have robotic butlers and how I was going to explore the solar system when I grew up. Trips into space were going to be routine and all the choirs of life would be taken care of by machines. Of course these things haven’t happened yet but there was something about the optimism of the books that I love.

Now that I’m an adult I’ve started to track down some of these books and find others that I never knew existed. The World of The Future is one of my favorite series of books. They cover everything from space travel to robotics. This week I received my order of The World of The Future: Space Travel.


A Dark Room – Old School iPhone Game

IMG_0002A Dark Room is unlike anything I’ve ever played on the iPhone. At first it reminded me of the text games I played on an Apple II in Middle School. But as you keep playing the game becomes more and more complex. Ultimately it’s about managing your resources and expanding from a small hut to something much larger. It’s the addictiveness of of expanding that makes this game enjoyable and that really says something about A Dark Room. It also says something about us and what we enjoy in games. Cool graphics are always welcome, but ulimately they mean nothign without solid gameplay mechanics. Thankfully that is something A Dark Room has plenty of.

My ecosystem

So I’ve moved my entire ecosystem to Apple products. The way I am looking at upgrading my hardware is how most business look at it. For the next 3–5 years Mac, iOS, and iCloud will be my platform. Everything flows from my laptop computer. I like hardware that works well together and a 2012 Macbook Air 13, iPad Mini Retina, and iPhone 5s are what works for me right now. I’ve mention it in earlier posts but software is really why I’m choosing this setup. Day One is only on all three. Byword is another. I know there are ways of getting the same setup on a Windows computer or using Android, but it isn’t a easy or seemless as it should be.

As long as I don’t break my Macbook Air then in 3–5 years it will be time to see what’s out there. Who knows maybe Chrome OS and Android will be where it’s at? Or maybe Microsoft will finally get it together with Windows and Windows Phone. If I was a betting man I’d say that Google is going to be the company that gives Apple a run for its money. After having just come from a Moto X it’s pretty obvious that Android as reached parity with iOS on phones but tablets are not there yet. Also Chrome OS and Chromebooks have a way to go.

So what would get me to switch? If Google or Microsoft were to provide me with 1 TB of cloud storage so I could backup and sync all my devices. Being able to know that all my precious photos I’ve taken over the past ten years were safe. Also seemless syncing of documents so I can work on a document anywhere. Most of the things I want are already here but are not integrated to the level I desire. So it practically unlimted cloud storage/backup with all my apps and data synced across every device I have possible? Whoever does it will be getting my money in 2017 or 2018.